2023 Alston Catalogue Cover Page 1

2023 Alston ELT Catalogue

2023 Alston Catalogue


Active Maths 4PP Brochure R2 v3

Active Maths for Stage 1-6

Aligned to Cambridge Primary Mathematics (0096) curriculum framework. Incorporated Singapore approach to learning Mathematics.


Active Science 4PP Brochure R1

Active Science for Stage 1-6

Aligned to Cambridge Primary Science (0097) curriculum framework. Incorporated the Singapore approach of learning Science.


210123 Happy Maths KG Brochure

Happy Maths for KG 1, KG 2

  1. Realistic and relevant context for each chapter
  2. Develop numeracy concepts through children's daily experiences
  3. Engage areas of early childhood development using activities


200616 Happy Science Preschool Brochure

Happy Science for KG1, KG2

Happy Science engages kindergarten learners through colourful images and hands-on activities to develop the learner’s interest to find out more about their environment. The book focuses on using the 5 areas of early childhood development to impact basic scientific knowledge.


200827 Happy Maths 4pp email

Happy Maths for Grade 1-5

Learner Centric, Maximum Engagement.

  1. CPA Approach
  2. Clear and comprehensive explanations


200827 Happy Science 4pp email

Happy Science for Grade 1-5

Spark Curiosity, Nurture Enquiring Minds.

  1. Inquiry-based learning
  2. Fun and exciting learning experiences
  3. Comprehensive key science concepts


Alston 2019 TOP Maths Flyer Cover

TOP Maths (New Edition) for Stage 1-6

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Combine Singapore approach to learning Maths with Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework.


Alston 2019 TOP Science Flyer Cover

TOP Science for Stage 1-6

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Combine Singapore approach to learning Science with Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework.


200616 Happy Phonics Brochure

Happy Phonics

Happy Phonics is a systematic phonics program specially designed for the beginning learners of the English Language. The learners are able to learn sequentially using the modular learning system to help them build their phonetic awareness.


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Alston eBooks & mySecondTeacher Platform

A comprehensive digital platform with TOP Maths (New Edition) and TOP Science eBooks.


200616 Happy Science Primary Brochure

Happy Science for Grade 1-3

Happy Science encourages the learners to develop curiosity towards the environment, and learn about Science through inquiry based learning. Learners will be beginning their Science journey at a younger age, laying the foundations for the skills essential in Science.


Alston 2019 i learn ELT Flyer Cover

i-Learn Smart Start 1-6 and Smart World 7-9

Smart Start 1-6 is based on the Cambridge English: Young Learners while Smart World 7-9 is based on Cambridge English: A2 KEY and the CEFR.


191130 Best Friends Brochure Page 10 v2

Best Friends (ELT Course) for Grade 1-6

Best Friends is a motivating six-level ELT course that creates confident, independent young language learners of English.


191112 ELFIN Brochure poster

Elfin (ELT Course) for Grade 1-6

Elfin is a six-level English series for primary students. Its integrated skills approach provides a steady input of language and practice as students learn the basic functions, structures and vocabulary they need for everyday communication, to talk about their environment, and to learn and work with cross-curricular materials.


Lollipop Preschool 1 Cover

Lollipop (ELT Course) for Preschool

Lollipop is an innovative and engaging English program for preschoolers.


191113 Lollipop Theater Page 1

Lollipop Theater

Helps students to build confidence in using the English language through drama.