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Let's Smile Workbook 1


Let's Smile Workbook 1

Author(s) 1. Louis E. Thomson
2. Gabriel T. Allison
3. Julie W. Hulme
4. Judy A. Baldwin
5. Lisa T. Kingsley
6. Casey Kim
7. Jayne Lee

ISBN 978-981-3182-93-6

Subject English (ELT)

Series Let's Smile

Level Grade/Stage 1

Let's Smile is a seven-level primary English course for young EFL students. The course provides a variety of creative and enjoyable features including stories, songs, and games to support and motivate students. Language targets are linked and recycled to help boost students' confidence. With Let's Smile, young students are inspired to smile and succeed together in today's world.

Key Features:

  • Fun Animated stories featuring friendly characters
  • Lively songs and chants
  • Fun and communicative games
  • Twelve easy CLIL lessons
  • Six World Link lessons linked to unit topics
  • Extensive resources for teachers


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